• Rikbits

    Introducing Rikbits, a revolutionary concept in the world of building blocks! A mom run and owned sustainable business, these real-sized blocks arrive flat, offering a unique twist to traditional play. Designed to be folded by the child, Rikbits unleash a realm of creative possibilities, allowing kids to construct anything their imagination envisions. With its versatile texture and intelligently symmetrical design, Rikbits serve as more than just playthings—they're tools for fine motor skill development, enhancing eye-hand coordination, promoting visual attention, and nurturing spatial awareness.
    Notably, Rikbits cater to children with specific challenges in tripod grasp and movement, offering a user-friendly experience. Once these blocks interlock, they transform into tangible structures ranging from enchanting castles to intergalactic rocket ships, and even letters and numbers – the possibilities are limitless. To add an extra layer of fun, Rikbits can be colored, painted, and doodle

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