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Rikbits cardboard interlocking bricks (100 Pieces) – White

Rikbits cardboard interlocking bricks (100 Pieces) – White

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1 box is comprised of 100 white foldable bricks flat supplied in 2 standard models. Both models interlock to build any desired structure. Our life-size bricks will entice children with role-play & unleash their imagination with magical creations.

Let your child imagination come to life! Whatever they desire, they can build; whatever story they would like to play, they can reinvent it by building castles, houses, cars, dragons, trees, letters, numbers, you name it! Building develops their planning skills, motor skills, & spatial abilities.

Rikbits believe in giving back to mother nature, our blocks are made from 100% safe cardboard approved EN 71 & is the perfect birthday gift that will last years with your child.

Rikbits is a toy that will grow with your child & can be introduced at any stage of his/her development. Get away from the normal plastic ready-made blocks & invest in a concept can literarily change & enhance the quality of his playtime.

Stage 1:

  • Toddlers develop motricity when stimulated with sensory play. Their curious little hands will explore the 2D Rikbits cardboards and patiently transform them into 3D bricks. Repetitive movements will challenge their memory and they will become master folders in no time!

Stage 2:

  • Children up to 7 years old love pretend play and use symbols to express themselves. At this stage they develop their spatial skills and build a sense of independence and confidence. Stacking Rikbits blocks into basic shapes, such as their favorite number or character, will enhance learning and create a fun experience for all!

Stage 3:

  • Your little architect will beam with pride upon realizing complex structures since they require problem solving skills, math skills and a great deal of patience. Rikbits building game is all about endless hours of off-screen fun, creative role-play, challenging teamwork, and precious family bonding!




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