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KAPLA® 8 colors planks-Octocolor case set

KAPLA® 8 colors planks-Octocolor case set

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Although their size doesn’t vary, KAPLA planks come in all sorts of colours! Builders aged 2+ can stack the planks and combine colours to create lively and varied imaginary worlds. Our planks are made from sustainable and untreated Landes pine, dyed using EN71-compliant paints to ensure the safety of all players.

Discover and combine planks in eight beautiful shades to make eye-catching creations! Play with your favourite colours to add contrast to your constructions.

Contains: 100 planks (12 red, 13 orange, 12 yellow, 13 green, 12 light blue, 13 dark blue, 12 pink and 13 purple)

Food-safe colours.

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