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Anvi Baby

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies With Lavender - 400ML

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Babies With Lavender - 400ML

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Anvi, the seldom seen mystical creature of the forest, is occasionally betrayed by the faint waft of lavender she leaves behind in the tropical groves she roams. For not even she can resist the charms of lavender, its delicate lilac flowers or its promise of good health, serenity and love.

Combining the deep-moisturizing properties of cold pressed coconut oil with the pure goodness of lavender essential oils, here’s a body butter, balm and massage oil that will heal your baby, calm her mind and soothe his soul. Make it a part of your daily routine with your little ones and create memories of endless snuggles and giggles. For with lavender, falling in love is easy.

- Head to toe coco-care

- For a relaxing calming massage 

- Deep moisturizing, soothes itches , and dries pimples

- For dry skin, cradle cap, and baby acne  

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