• Grapat

    Grapat means “a handful” in Catalan, the native language of our land, and this is exactly where the simple idea behind this humble project came from: to carry a handful of loose pieces with the utmost care in our hands, and offer them with the same love to the hands of children.
    Nature is both our clock and our muse. We live in rhythm with her, respecting her, and she is our design inspiration for every new piece we create. Our true, main inspiration though, is children. Our self-set philosophy is to work at the service of childhood. With Grapat, we want to make sure that every child has a free and respectful upbringing, filled with playtimes that are open-ended and free from expectations or judgement. The pieces should invite and incite their own genuine flair for creation. For this, we offer play material without instructions nor limits. Our duty as parents is to protect this sacred moment, without interfering, just observing and being present. Our motto is “be free, play open!”

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