• Mimi & Lula

    MIMI & LULA is a stylish and playful kids accessories brand that brings the sparkle and shine back into playtime and daytime. Designed to let kids express their personalities with flair and style. Whether it’s dress-up, parties, play or just a school day, at MIMI & LULA our aim is always to charm, dazzle and delight. And with one eye on quality and the other (that’s the winking one) on having fun, you can always count on us to raise a cheeky smile in every girl and her mum.
    At Mimi and Lula, we are not only focused on creating all things sparkly for the little people of the world, we also care about looking after the planet that they will inherit. From day one we have always been conscious of our environmental footprint and continually strive to keep learning and making decisions that are in the best interests of our planet and the people who call it home. We are constantly looking for more sustainable ways that we can make, transport and package our products.

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