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Birds - Kids organic vegan tattoos

Birds - Kids organic vegan tattoos

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Would you like your gift wrapped?

Sustainably packaged, gentle on children's skin and completely non-toxic, compostable.

Versatile: Easter eggs, candles and lanterns can be decorated also in no time with these tattoos.

Illustration: Andrea Hild

 Blackbird, thrush, finch and starling and in this case a cheeky robin, a little party owl, Mr. Woodpecker and Mrs. Meise: Our vegan children's tattoos “Birds” are perfect for big and small zoologists. With many different bird motifs on one sheet.

nuukk children's tattoos are vegan and packaged in an environmentally friendly way. Designed by nuukk illustrators from all over Europe and made in Austria. The temporary tattoos are printed with organic ink and dermatologically tested.

Our children's tattoo sheets are always A6 size and are plastic-free attached to recycled cardboard. Detailed instructions for use are also included.

Nuukk children's tattoos are perfect as a small gift or party bag. For crafting on rainy days, or as a highlight at every child's birthday party.

Instructions: How are the children's tattoos applied?

Applying the temporary tattoos is child's play:

Cut out the desired motif
Clean the relevant area of ​​skin
Remove the surface protection on the front
Now press the image side onto the skin
Then press a damp sponge or cloth onto the tattoo - lightly rub over it.
After approx. 20 seconds, carefully remove the backing paper.
Allow the tattoo to dry briefly. Don't dab. Complete! 🙂

Are the tattoos harmful to children?

The tattoos are not harmful at all. Quality is important to us – as is safety. That's why we have our children's tattoos produced in a special printing company in Austria. The temporary tattoos from nuukk are dermatologically tested and therefore super skin-friendly. They do not contain any harmful substances; They are even organic and vegan and therefore completely non-toxic.

How long does the temporary tattoo from nuukk last?

The durability of nuukk adhesive tattoos is between a few days and a week. Depending on how often you bathe or apply cream. In summer they tend to last a little shorter than in winter and in the transitional seasons.

How do you get rid of children's tattoos?

If the tattoos need to be removed sooner, they can be easily removed with a little cream or baby oil.


0 , 012kg


14 , 8×10 , 5×0 , 2cm


vegan water transfer film


Card made from 300g recycled cardboard


dermatologically tested. Dermatest® result: very good



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