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Rugcycled washable rug ABC - Medium

Rugcycled washable rug ABC - Medium

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Kids can learn their ABCs by tracing letters with their fingers!

This stunning rug measures: 140 x 200 cm

RugCycled® is a collection of upcycled rugs by Lorena Canals. They believe in giving a second life to those scraps or remnants left over from the manufacture of their rugs to create new ones. Stylish and sustainable, they help us take care of the planet.

Nowadays, all our rugs can be easily washed at home, thanks to the quality of their natural fibers. They're ideal for everyday use, for homes with children and pets, as they allow you to easily remove any stain just by putting them in the washing machine.

Did you spill juice? No problem. Did your child smear chocolate all over it? No problem. You walk in on a rainy day and get it all muddy? No problem. Our washable rugs make your life easier. Just throw your rug in the washing machine, and that's it—you have a new rug!

Be sure to check and follow the washing care guide associated with your Lorena Canals Purchase. There are some variations between care guides and products.

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